Patient Testimonials


“I began seeing Hasan 10 months ago for a rare neurological issue that promotes cluster headaches, facial paralysis, severe inflammation and vision loss. Since beginning acupuncture treatment, all of these symptoms have vanished or become stabilized. Hasan’s practice promotes holistic healing in a comfortable and compassionate space. Through his treatments I continue to gain physical, neurological, emotional and spiritual health. I have also developed an expansive regard for the root of my symptoms rather than simply managing my discomfort with western medicines. Hasan shows individualized focus to each of his clients. He has taken the time and care to expand his expertise by learning new methods of treatment that are specific to my conditions. He is a healer, essential to my well-being. I appreciate Hasan and I highly recommend his integral services.”

–Lucia M.  Lousville, CO


“Hasan is a skilled diagnostician and acupuncturist and has a warm, caring, bedside manner. I came to see Hasan for severe stomach and intestinal problems. I was unable to eat anything without experiencing unbearable stomach pains and severe diarrhea . I had lost weight, had no appetite, was in constant pain, was depressed and felt that I couldn’t go on living this way. I had been through numerous tests ordered by my gastroenterologist and given different medications but I wasn’t getting better.

Form the first time I saw Hasan, I felt that he genuinely cared about me, was “on my side” and was determined to work with me to find a diagnosis and treatment. I no longer felt alone in my quest toward health and felt hopeful that with Hasan’s help I would get better. I knew that I was a challenge and that a change would not happen overnight. Hasan did research on my problems, spoke with several other health care practitioners , prescribed various herbs and treated me with acupuncture . I saw him weekly and he altered my medications as my symptoms changed.

It is now 2 1/2 months since I began seeing Hasan. I am symptom free and feeling like a new person. I would highly recommend Hasan Kozan if you are willing to take responsibility for your health and work together with a compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled acupuncturist”.

–Joanne J.  Boulder, CO


“I have been seeing Hasan for many years for ongoing muscle pain and structural problems.  At one of our sessions, I happened to mention a continual heartburn-like ailment that was baffling doctors as it clearly wasn’t heartburn.  Hasan told me about a new method he had learned that deals with various gastrointestinal problems and asked if I’d like to try it.  Having nothing to lose, I agreed.  In the beginning, I had relief for a day.  After another session, I got relief for a week.  At this point, he has been working with me for about 4 months and the problem only rears its head on rare occasions.  I am so thankful to Hasan for his help and for his dedication to expanding his healing knowledge.  I have certainly learned to bring up any and all ailments I might be experiencing as he very likely will be able to help”.

–Viki B.  Boulder, CO


“One may argue long and hard as to what particular qualities make for an competent practitioner, an excellent practitioner, or even a healer. I have had the great good fortune of having traveled extensively, have benefited from DOM in many continents, so without hesitation, I can say that Hasan is one of the best. I had tried many acupuncture practitioners in this town before finally and gratefully I found myself with Hasan, who helped me and whose light touch but sensitive attunement informed me that I was in good hands. I trust him immensely. The selfish part of me doesn’t want the whole town to know how very good he is, least he be too busy or too full, but the kinder part, which certainly is the part more resonant with Hasan himself says, a healer is there for those that need. We are fortunate to have him.”

–Priya H.  Boulder, CO


“I visited Hasan Kozan with concerns about neuropathy.  I had a mild condition for about 10 years, and in recent times the numbness in my feet seemed to be increasing.  He provided a regime of acupuncture treatments for about seven months, after which the symptoms had subsided to the point where they are seldom noticeable.  I am delighted with the outcome.  Along the way, he also treated me for a nerve problem with my elbow and for sciatica.  His treatments left me pain free.  Especially liked his clarity of explanations for likely causes and responses, and his awareness of my general health and its relation to my symptoms”.

–Jerry H.  Boulder, CO


“I first went to Hasan 3 years ago when sent to him by my holistic MD who was baffled by the cause or treatment for a severe digestive illness I was experiencing. Hasan’s treatment helped me recover from that, as well as get thru a severe course of bronchitis without having to resort to antibiotics, as I had in the past. Once I recovered from that prolonged illness, I had no PTO (vacation/sick) time left at work. In fact, I was so far into the “negative” on my PTO balance that I couldn’t take any time off work for a whole year. By seeing Hasan regularly for treatment, I was able to stay healthy enough to avoid missing any work during that year, even when I had a cold and some minor surgery”.

-Margaret A.  Golden, CO


For 23 years, I suffered from chronic shoulder and neck pain. I had tried everything from chiropractic care, physical therapy and medical care, stopping short of surgery. I then met Hasan. I went to see him for a foot problem. He helped my foot, then zeroed in on my shoulder and neck. Within a couple of weeks, my pain had diminished. Within a few months, it was a not even noticeable. I recently suffered whiplash from a fall. Just two treatments from Hasan, and I was again pain free. He’s also a really nice person, and I always look forward to visiting with him while he works on my aches and pains.

–Sue B.  Boulder, CO