Fine Touch Japanese Acupuncture

Deep Listening – Precision – Gentle Technique

Full service oriental medicine for the whole family


Specializing in

Orthopedic rehabilitation
Sports injury & performance
Pain & post surgical recovery
Muscular skeletal problems
Trauma & closed head injury
Headache & TMJ
Energetic balancing
Immune enhancement
Stress reduction
Organ system regulation
Women & children’s issues
Adolescent care
Geriatric care


30 years of Japanese Manual Medicine


Jeffrey Dann Ph.D., L.Ac.

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Keiraku Chiryo – Meridian Therapy

Seitai Shinpo – Structural Acupuncture

Sotai Ho – Movement therapy

Sawada Ryu Okyu – Sawada Moxibustion

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Hasan Kozan, Jeffrey Dann, Jennika Wildau