Clinic Information

Location & Office Hours:
Welcome to the Aloha Wellness Clinic! We are located just west of the Table Mesa King Soopers Shopping Center, on the southeast corner of Table Mesa & Gillaspie St . View Map

Office hours are by appointment, Monday-Saturday. We have recently implemented an online scheduling program so that patients may schedule their own appointments with ease. Please visit our online scheduling page to learn more about self-scheduling. You may also call our clinic to schedule an appointment with the receptionist at 303-499-9395.

Aloha Wellness Team
Aloha Wellness Associates is comprised of 3 associate acupuncturists: Director and senior acupuncturist is Jeffrey Dann PhD, Lac. Hasan Kozan, and Jennika Wildau have been trained and supervised by Jeffrey Dann in Japanese-style acupuncture and Oriental manual medicine for the past 2 years. Hasan and Jennika have continued their studies with other experienced teacher and each brings something of their own unique interest and skills. The Aloha Wellness Associates works as a team, co-consulting and co-treating with many of our patients.

Organizational outreach and community support:
We at Aloha Wellness Associates are enthusiastic proponents of community building, and we participate in charitable causes of a wide variety. If your non-profit organization or favorite cause is having a benefit fundraiser or other event in which our services could be used, please speak to us about gift certificate donations.

Sliding Scale Payment Options:
During these difficult economic times, we are doing everything possible to provide our services to those in need. It is our goal to expand the reach of our medicine by providing quality healthcare at an affordable price. While we usually require the initial visit to be paid in full, we can offer follow-up visits at a discount rate for those in need upon assessment of how complex each case is and how many treatments may be required to resolve the problem.

How does Japanese-style acupuncture differ from “regular” acupuncture?
There are a number of different styles of acupuncture practiced in our community. Most of the LAc,’s who have graduated from accredited schools in the US are practitioners of TCM –so called “Traditional Chinese Medicine” – which mostly follows the techniques and protocols developed in post –Mao China. Most chiropractors (DC) who do acupuncture focus on strong “trigger point acupuncture” to relieve muscle spasm and tension. This is similar to, but not as aggressive, as the form of acupuncture IMS, inter- muscular stimulation, practiced by physical therapists (PTs). In addition, there are a number of medical doctors who do a style of acupuncture which is usually in the form of electro-stimulation with electrodes attached to inserted needles, often called “Medical Acupuncture”. For a more detailed discussion of the differences between TCM and Japanese acupuncture look at Jeffrey Dann’s writings in the articles folder.

Simply stated Japanese style acupuncture follows the channel or meridian system as the foundation for manual assessment  and thus has a more powerful understanding of muscle structure and energetic function. Japanese techniques  involve gentle stimulation with much thinner needles. Japanese pediatric acupuncture is needless and involves non-insertive meridian stimulation. Treatments are much more individualized rather than following a more formulaic approach based on the diagnosis of a classical pattern or modern syndrome diagnosis.